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The Suntory Group is among the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies, Suntory offers a uniquely diverse portfolio of beverage products enjoyed by millions around the world: from whisky, beer to tea, bottled water, carbonated drinks, coffee, and health care products. Suntory is home of award-winning Japanese whiskeys such as Yamazaki, Hibiki and Hakushu as well as Jim Beam – the American soul spirits and Maker’s Mark.

Hibiki (meaning “resonance” or “echo” in Japanese) is a premium blended whisky produced in Japan by Beam Suntory (a subsidiary of Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd, which itself is a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Osaka, Japan). It is a premium-category product, and has won several awards.

For producing the blends available as of 2010, more than 30 whiskies were used in the mix, including some that were aged more than 30 years and some that were aged in old umeshu casks. A bamboo charcoal filtering step has also been used. The company said the process “Gives it a very sweet and gentle flavor”. In 2015, it was reported that at least 10 malt and grain whiskies were used from three distilleries (YamazakiHakushu, and Chita), aged in five different cask types, with some elements aged up to approximately 20 years or longer.

The brand was introduced in 1989 by Suntory, originally with expressions having age statements of 17 and 21 years. (In the convention for whisky age statements, the age stated is the age of the youngest whisky in the blend.) A 30-year expression was introduced in 1997, and a 12-year expression was introduced in 2009. In 2014, the brand was moved into an American-headquartered subsidiary called Beam Suntory when the subsidiary was created following the company’s purchase of Beam Inc..

The 35-year-old limited edition Hibiki set can be considered the “Harmony of Japan”, one of the best sets Suntory has made for the Hibiki brand. The liquid contained in these bottles is really rare. This is a delicate mix of aged malt and cereal in sherry, bourbon and mizurnara casks from 35 to 54 years; with ripe fruit flavors and beautiful oak colors.

The Hibiki 35 Year Old is, in short, a work of an art. Not only is it the oldest Hibiki you will ever come across, it is also presented in a specially made porcelain bottle made by one of the masters of porcelain making, Tokuda Yasokichi III, from porcelain coming from Arita in Saga Prefecture.

In this collection, #The_Whiskey_Cognac_Museum will introduce a set of 5 famous #Hibiki bottles from the rising sun country.

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