Viet Nguyen Dinh Tuan – A Collector Who Ownes Two Guinness World Records

Luxury wine has always been considered the top passion of collectors. And owning rare and expensive wine bottles is a wish, and also the most convincing way to identify yourself. However, more than that, the businessman Nguyen Dinh Tuan Viet from Vietnam also owns both world records for whiskey and cognac, becoming the first collector to have two prestigious titles in Vietnam are certified by the Guinness World Records.

With a passion for collecting for more than twenty years, he has been constantly searching and participating in the world’s famous auction as not to miss any rare bottles. With the motto that the more unique is not to be missed, now two collections of Mr. Viet are proud to have almost all the rare and hard-to-find versions of whiskey and cognac all over the world. Old versions for hundreds or even two and three hundred years are also present in his cellar, as the clearest proof of his hard work and passion.

For whiskey, surely everyone is no stranger to the legendary Macallan distillery and no one is unaware of the 1926 Fine & Rare edition, the dream of many collectors. Mr. Viet was proud to be the only collector in the world who owns all four bottles of 1926.

bo suu tap Macallan 1926

Macallan The Intrepid, the version called “Giant” with a capacity of 311 liters and has been certified by Guinness as the largest whiskey bottle in the world is also present in Mr. Viet’s collection. And there are still hundreds of other famous whiskey bottles is present and honor his famous collection.

Macallan The Intrepid chai whisky lon nhat the gioi

Macallan The Intrepid Guinness the gioi

About cognac, the pre-phylloxera versions (a pandemic caused by the phylloxera beetle that lives on the roots of grapevines, which hit most of Europe’s wine vineyards) is a strong appeal to collectors. More striking is the Cognac 1762 Gautier, the oldest version ever sold at auction and now is a only bottle on this planet. Mr. Viet’s possession of this precious bottle was like a big bang, creating a strong resonance among global collectors and marking a turning point for himself in the World of Cognac collectors.

Beyond surprised with the 1762 version, Mr. Viet’s collection also introduced the oldest Cognac version in the world, Vieux 1734 Caves Gilot, now nearly 300 years old. With only one bottle, this “cognac giant” has also earned its own place in his prestigious cognac cellar.

Cognac co nhat the gioi

And the most important thing that strongly affirms that there will never be a second cognac collection exists, is the presence of the LOUIS XIII L‘ODYSSÉ D‘UN ROI trio. These are considered three versions that can only be seen in the dreams of collectors, now proudly appearing in Mr. Viet’s cognac collection. With only three bottles being auctioned in three places representing three continents (Asia, America and Europe), owning all three at the same time was almost impossible but Mr. Viet managed to do it.

Luois XIII Journey of King

Acquiring Guinness World Records certification in both whiskey and cognac collections can be seen as a major turning point, marking and honoring this famous collector’s unchanging passion for years. But it is certain that he will not stop searching and owning more rare and unappearing bottles, to become the only one to break his own record and the only existence in the world of wine collectors.